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Chris began his journey as a hip-hop artist by freestyling at bonfires in his teenage years. After he gave his life to Christ at a Christian music festival called Soulfest, he discovered that rap was an outlet of worship where he could connect with God and with other people. Chris’s freestyle rap quickly developed into a pillar of his local youth group. Through this, Chris witnessed the power that words carry – the power to move people to shout for joy or break down in tears. Chris recognized that this power was not fueled by cleverness or brilliant words, but rather by the Holy Spirit moving in people’s hearts. This ignited a passion and a dream to impact people through hip-hop music.

As he grew older, his musical taste expanded, from his indoctrination into hip-hop through legends like Dr. Dre, Snoop and Eminem, to include a diverse array of artists such as Radiohead, Josh Garrels, and MuteMath. From his song “Two Voices” to a lesser-known early track “Who am I”, it is clear that he is influenced by a variety of music inside and outside of the hip-hop realm.

In 2014, Chris felt the call to do something against the grain and drop out of graduate school to pursue his craft full time, an endeavor that has already had Kingdom impact. In shedding the need to say something familiar, he is creating a ground swell of love that flows from the Creator. Chris is unstoppable because his goal is making spiritual music that draws people away from artists who glorify money and worldly pursuits. His newest album, Two Voices, speaks plainly about how Jesus has redeemed his life and given him hope. In turn, it offers that hope to the listener. When he’s not creating hip-hop beats or performing, you’ll find him playing beach volleyball, surfing and/or doing youth ministry with his wife and American Bulldog.